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PHARMENA SA is a publicly traded specialty healthcare company, which develops and markets innovative products based on a patented, physiological and natural active substance Regen7 molecule® (1-methylnicotinamide). The company has well diversified portfolio covering indications such as: excessive hair loss, dandruff, mild/moderate acne, sunburns, skin allergies and anti-aging. At the same time, we are engaged in the development of new oral medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and other disorders. Our keen knowledge of the biotechnological industry has helped us to develop and market both outstanding hair care and skin care product lines. Having based ourselves on the strong IP, we have created innovative dermo-cosmetics, the safety and claims of which are supported by human trials involving over 1000 people. We produce our products according to the highest world GMP ISO 22716 standards.

Dermenum® – advanced dermatological program for excessive hair loss – for women and men – shampoo, conditioner, gel, lotion, lash mascara, lash conditioner, ampoules, sachet, dietary supplement. Allerco® – innovative emollients for dry and sensitive skin susceptible to irritation and allergy – shampoo, bath lotion, washing gel, washing bar, body lotion, moisturizing cream, oily cream. Thermi® – gel after thermal burn and sunburn – cares the skin under risk of burns and abrasions, susceptible to irritations and inflammatory conditions.