Parkowa 2

96-321 Osowiec (near Warsaw)

Tel.: +48 22 755 28 00

Tel.: +48 46 857 89 14 / 15

E-mail: quiz@quiz.com.pl

WWW: www.quiz.pl

QUIZ COSMETICS (PPH BIM) – a manufacturing company with a long tradition, was founded in 1983, specializes in the production of decorative cosmetics, cosmetics for skin care and cosmetic packaging. Also provides assembly services and PRIVATE LABEL cosmetics.

In the offer of QUIZ COSMETICS you’ll find more than 150 products for make-up and skin care. Good quality of products and professional service is guaranteed  by GMP / ISO 22716. We export our cosmetics to the 30 countries.

This allows customers to appreciate QUIZ COSMETICS products not only for excellent quality but also for the unique packaging design and affordable prices.