Niska 30

62-800 Kalisz

Tel.: +48 602 605 909

E-mail: export@eko-higiena.com

WWW: www.eko-higiena.com.pl

Our company is producing and distributing disposable articles for hairdressing and beauty salons, solariums and health care facilities for 12 years.

We are producing:

  • Disposable nonwoven hairdressing towels
  • Foil capes for coloring
  • Disposable nonwoven capes for hair cutting
  • Disposable nonwoven capes for hair modelling
  • Hairdresser’s aprons
  • Depilation strips
  • Bed sheets on roll
  • Slippers
  • Capes for make-up
  • Cosmetic handkerchiefs
  • Cosmetic products for hairdressing salons


We deliver our products to individual customers and also to the biggest and most famous wholesales in Poland and Europe.


We also make special custom-made products for our customers:

  • Overprint on hairdressing towels
  • Overprint on capes