Michel Laboratory Sp. J. Pawluczuk

Geodetow 31

05-500 Piaseczno Jozefoslaw

Tel: +48 22 750 75 59

E-mail: info@michellaboratory.com

WWW: www.michellaboratory.com

We are one of the largest PRIVATE LABEL MANUFACTURERS in the EU with the capacity to manufacture millions of pieces per year! We have MORE THAN 20 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE in the industry wich guarantees high quality products,a wide range of formulas created in our own laboratory,the highest standard of service, quick order implementation, timely deliveries and competitive prices, confirmed by the OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE OF GMP. We offer global services in the Private Label sector, specializing in professional as well as consumer cosmetics creation and production. Our slogan is “FROM CONCEPT TO RESULT”. We can guide you through the process of cosmetics production, from concept, through the creation of a customized formula, choosing the best packaging, ending with a finished and packaged product.