Jana Pawła II nr 79

86-031 Osielsko

Tel.: +48 52 375 63 00

Fax.: +48 52 375 63 17

E-mail: info@politech.pl

WWW: www.politech.pl

Politech is an innovative company with a 100% of Polish capital. Its credibility and professionalism are confirmed by many years of cooperation with leading Polish and European companies and corporations.
The offer includes:
– complete perfume packaging designed according to the idea and project of Politech,
– closures for perfumery made of plastic,
– skin care packaging,
– wide range of standard products,
– customized products,
– injection mould and special instruments,
– decoration of the packaging by hot stamping, metallization
and UV lacquering.

The manufacturing process uses plastics such as Surlyn, PP, PS, ABS, PCTG. Our own tool shop guarantees rapid implementation of new products.