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Silcare Company has been operating on the cosmetic market for over 10 years. We offer high-quality one and three-phase gels, professional products for nail care and nail decoration, professional products for hand and foot care, products for hair care, accessories, and essential equipment for doing manicure and pedicure treatments. While producing UV gels we use the highest technical and quality standards, constantly upgrading the process of their production. Owing to the unique chemical technology, specialized tests and experience of our experts these special UV gels are created. The last two years for our company was the time of rapid growth, the increase in production and greater brand recognition. Our employment has increased by over 100%, and currently our company employs around 300 people. In 2013 we produced over 36 tons of UV gel, in 2014 we generated even 53 tons. Moreover, in 2013 we produced 84 883 litres of liquids, and in 2014 it was 126 688litres. Our company’s assortment includes over 3000 products. Every month we introduce at least 10 brand-new products. The company currently occupies the area of 16500m2, where our warehouse, production hall and our office are located. Silcare products reach many countries around the world. We are present in the whole Europe, North America, South America, and in Asia. In Poland we systematically develop our chain of shops in the major cities, and we expand our franchising system, which has been operating successfully in Malta in the form of a shop and patronage salon.