Skotnicka 252 A

30-394 Kraków

Tel.: + 48 730 730 414

E-mail: biuro@elfa-pharm.pl

WWW: elfa-pharm.pl

Elfa Pharm Polska sp. z o.o sp.k was founded to provide women with very high quality cosmetics of plant origin. They have received certificates from the renowned laboratories in Europe and enjoy a good reputation with millions of women who value Elfa Pharm Polska products for their excellent quality, affordable price and a wide range of assortment.


The company offers more than 500 products that combine the latest achievements of cosmetology with the tradition of herbal cosmetics, that can be gathered under the following brands:

Vis Plantis – dermocosmetics taking advantage of natural ingredients such as, birch tar, snail slime filtrate with or myo-relaxing tripeptide;

Green Pharmacy, O’Herbal – a comprehensive face, body and hair care;

Intensive Hair Therapy, Dr. Sante – a specialized line of shampoos and hair conditioners;

Fresh Juice – a line of aromatic shower gels.


The company is part of an international holding company and its products are created in Polish laboratories, as well as in Slovakia and Ukraine. Currently Elfa Pharm Polska exports their cosmetics to most countries in Western Europe, as well as to the United States, Malaysia, Taiwan or the Persian Gulf countries.


The production is carried out under strict quality control. Cosmetics manufactured by Elfa Pharm Polska are certified according to the new safety assessment standard and have been notified with CPNP, the European system of cosmetics product registration. Elfa Pharm Polska is a member of the Polish Union of Cosmetics Industry. You can buy a full range of these cosmetics at www.sklep.elfa-pharm.pl.